Uses and Properties

Sustainable Fuels, formerly called EFOA, is dedicated to the responsible production, usage and promotion of clean, high quality, high-efficiency petrol components. It brings together producers of MTBE | BIO-MTBE | BIO-ETBE | TAME | BIO-TAME | BIO-TAEE.

Fuel ethers, including MTBE, bio-MTBE, bio-ETBE, TAME, bio-TAME and TAEE, are key components for the production of high-octane fuels. They are the clean and efficient replacement for compounds, such as for instance toxic lead, that pose a proven risk to health and the environment. Whether manufactured from traditional hydrocarbons or renewable biomass, fuel ethers are more energy dense than alcohols. Therefore, they increase petrol’s performance, while reducing the emissions of air pollutants and CO2 across their life cycle.

Issues and Regulations

REACH Implementation

A “Fuel Ethers” REACH Consortium was formed through which the manufacturers have joined efforts to prepare by 30 November 2010 consistent registration dossiers covering MTBE (methyl-tert-butyl-ether), ETBE (ethyl-tert-butyl ether) and TAME (tertiary-amyl-methyl-ether) mixtures.
Project Management: ReachCentrum.


Assess and monitor the implications of the Renewable Energy Directive (COM(2008)30) and Fuel Quality Directive (COM(2007)18) for its members.

Specific Issues

  • Promote the benefits of fuel ethers to EU and national regulators, car manufacturers and gasoline producers
  • Address environmental issues relating to fuel ethers

Additional Information