APA symposium: Defining occupational exposure limit to prevent benzene’s adverse health effects

The Aromatics Producers Association (APA) will organise a symposium entitled “Preventing benzene’s adverse health effects: considerations in occupational exposure limit development”. The event aims at sharing insights on how available human data can be interpreted to better understand benzene’s health effects and to define a safe exposure level.

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Argus Biofuels

Argus will focus on the industry’s most pressing challenges, including the impact and latest developments in RED II legislation, changes in tariffs and the affect on international trade, how EU ticketing systems are progressing, availability of waste-based and other advanced biofuels, and production levels and supply/demand dynamics. Leading experts will reveal their insights into how to overcome market bottlenecks and take advantage of new opportunities.

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ESIG solvents training

The European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG) is organising in cooperation with the Solvents Industry Association (SIA), the UK based solvents industry association, two training sessions for its members as well as non-members: Introduction to the Solvents Industry (20/11), Solvents and their applications (21/11).

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