Stokman Frans

Executive Director

Serrien Stany

Senior Manager Aromatics, Lower Olefins, BDO & Derivatives, Ethylene Oxide, and Methanol

Surmont Christine

Senior Assistant

Sterlina Angelina

Communications Manager

Sapounas Konstantinos

Sector Group Manager Acetyls, Acrylic monomers, and Coal Chemicals

Aertsens Frédéric

Sector Group Manager Sustainable Fuels and Automotive grade urea

Goursot Pierre

Technical Manager

Vollmann Marcelo

Sector Group Manager Polyurethane Amines Catalysts, Methacrylates, Propylene Oxide, Phenol, Acetone & Cumene, Acrylonitrile, and Amines

Colbach Hélène


Schoune Véronique


Norbert Hannig

Senior Solvents Sector Group Manager Solvents