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25 years of ESIG and ESVOC

The European Solvents Industry Group (ESIG) and the European Solvents Downstream Users Coordination Group (ESVOC) celebrated their 25 year anniversary

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Solvents Human Exposure Database

The European Solvents Industry Group's (ESIG) has finalised the update of the Solvents Human Exposure Database which is now available on its website.

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Our industry’s transition to deliver on the European Green Deal

Our revised mission, vision, and priorities reflect how the industry is transitioning to deliver on the European Green Deal. One of the main goals is to demonstrate the key role our industry plays in achieving EU’s climate-neutrality objective by 2050. To do so, we showcase many sustainable initiatives carried out by our member companies that contribute to a low-carbon and circular economy in the fields of (cracker) electrification, recycling, innovation, hydrogen etc. 

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Chemistry is all about you

Safe transport of acrylic monomers

Carriers and drivers play a key role in safe transport of dangerous goods whether this is done by road or rail, strict regulations and proper training apply. This video was created for professionals involved in the handling, loading, unloading and carriage of acrylic acid and acrylic esters by road or rail. It offers guidance throughout the entire process, helping them to comply with best practices and regulations and to minimise risks and hazards.