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ECHA publishes advice on how to comply with NMP restriction

A new guidance document is available for industrial users of 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), one of Petrochemicals Europe’s products, to help them comply with the substance’s restriction requirements and protect workers’ health and the environment.

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European Fuel Oxygenates Association (EFOA) becomes Sustainable Fuels

EFOA, part of Petrochemicals Europe, unveiled yesterday its new identity: "Sustainable Fuels: Driving Cleaner Mobility with Fuel Ethers". This new identity reflects its values and the contribution fuel ethers make to reducing transport emissions across Europe.

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Cefic Action Plan to help REACH registrants review chemical safety data

Cefic to which Petrochemicals Europe belongs has launched a voluntary multi-annual Action Plan for Review and Improvement of REACH Dossiers. The Action Plan provides a framework for companies – holders of REACH registrations – to evaluate their safety data already submitted under REACH.

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Chemistry is all about you

Port of Antwerp aims at zero plastic pellet loss into environment

Dries Van Gheluwe, Business Developments Coordinator, Antwerp Port Authority, explains how the Port together with the petrochemical companies located there prevent plastics pellets from getting into the water and environment.