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From energy efficient houses to electronics, smart clothing, aviation and even space travel, petrochemicals are at the heart of innovation that is shaping tomorrow’s world.

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Petrochemicals in Action

Petrochemistry has done wonders in the fields of transport, hygiene, housing and technology, making our lives far easier than they have ever been in the previous centuries.

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10 years of REACH: turning it into a competitive advantage for European industry

As the REACH registration deadline (31 May) has passed, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and Cefic signed a cooperation agreement on 15 June to further improve REACH implementation.“The European chemical industry is looking to the EU and member states to make sure REACH becomes a competitive advantage for the European industry”, says Cefic.

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What is the state of Europe’s petrochemical industry?

Dorothee Arns, Executive Director, Petrochemicals Europe, gave the keynote address at the Hydrocarbon Processing’s International Refining and Petrochemical Conference (IRPC) Europe. Her presentation provided a detailed overview of the current state of the European petrochemical industry.

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Chemistry is all about you

EPCA released its 3rd video on STEM education in cooperation with Petrochemicals Europe.

Discover the unique partnership for a better life.

Petrochemicals in action

Discover where petrochemicals are used and how their versatility and properties are invaluable.





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Petrochemical Industry in Europe

300.000 Jobs

131 €Billion/year totals sales


95% of manufactured products


26% of total chemical sales

Application highlight

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AdBlue technology

The AdBlue technology can neutralize up to 90% of nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines…

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Argus Olefins and Aromatics European Seminar

Argus Olefins and Aromatics European Seminar 2018 will discuss the sector's supply demand trends, price forecasts and trade flows. The event offers you the chance to explore the future of international markets with your peers.

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