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From energy efficient houses to electronics, smart clothing, aviation and even space travel, petrochemicals are at the heart of innovation that is shaping tomorrow’s world.

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Petrochemicals in Action

Petrochemistry has done wonders in the fields of transport, hygiene, housing and technology, making our lives far easier than they have ever been in the previous centuries.

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Latest News

ECHA publishes advice on how to comply with NMP restriction

A new guidance document is available for industrial users of 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), one of Petrochemicals Europe’s products, to help them comply with the substance’s restriction requirements and protect workers’ health and the environment.

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European Fuel Oxygenates Association (EFOA) becomes Sustainable Fuels

EFOA, part of Petrochemicals Europe, unveiled yesterday its new identity: "Sustainable Fuels: Driving Cleaner Mobility with Fuel Ethers". This new identity reflects its values and the contribution fuel ethers make to reducing transport emissions across Europe.

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. @EU_ECHA published guidelines on safe handling of NMP, one of @EUPetro substances, to help users improve safety and better protect workers & the environment #EUhealthyworkplaces. Read more: https://t.co/njSU1G3OvK

Chemistry is all about you

EPCA released its 3rd video on STEM education in cooperation with Petrochemicals Europe.

Discover the unique partnership for a better life.

Petrochemicals in action

Discover where petrochemicals are used and how their versatility and properties are invaluable.





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Petrochemical Industry in Europe

300.000 Jobs

155 €Billion/year totals sales


95% of manufactured products


26% of total chemical sales

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SCR technology

The selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology known as AdBlue can neutralize up to 90% of nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines…

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Upcoming Event

APA symposium: Defining occupational exposure limit to prevent benzene’s adverse health effects

The Aromatics Producers Association (APA) will organise a symposium entitled “Preventing benzene’s adverse health effects: considerations in occupational exposure limit development”. The event aims at sharing insights on how available human data can be interpreted to better understand benzene’s health effects and to define a safe exposure level. The event is free of charge.

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