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From energy efficient houses to electronics, smart clothing, aviation and even space travel, petrochemicals are at the heart of innovation that is shaping tomorrow’s world.

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Petrochemicals in Action

Petrochemistry has done wonders in the fields of transport, hygiene, housing and technology, making our lives far easier than they have ever been in the previous centuries.

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EU chemical industry offers recommendations to help keep critical supply chains running

Following the COVID-19 outbreak and emergency measure taken by governments across the EU, Cefic to which Petrochemicals Europe belongs sent a letter to the European Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen with a number of key suggestions our logistic experts have developed to quickly allow easier and faster transport of essential goods throughout Europe.

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Chemical industry calls for sectoral Green Deal

In a statement reacting to the publication of EU's new Industrial Strategy on 10 March, Cefic urges EU institutions to adopt a “sectoral Green Deal for the chemical industry”. Following the publication on 11 March of the Circular Economy Action Plan, Cefic issued a statement stressing that the chemical industry enables a circular economy by developing breakthrough technologies such as chemical recycling.

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Thank you for your support @HansenB_ECHA! We continue working with our national counterparts and @EU_ECHA to help increase the supply of active substances needed for making #disinfectants. #WeAreInThisTogether https://twitter.com/HansenB_ECHA/status/1240944384838905857

Chemistry is all about you

EPCA released its 3rd video on STEM education in cooperation with Petrochemicals Europe.

Discover the unique partnership for a better life.

Petrochemicals in action

Discover where petrochemicals are used and how their versatility and properties are invaluable.





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Petrochemical Industry in Europe

300.000 Jobs

155 €Billion/year total sales


95% of manufactured products


26% of total chemical sales

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Solvents – a key ingredient of durable and sustainable materials

When you see solar panels or bridges you probably don’t think that solvents play a big role in making and protecting them. Yet they do. Solvents are essential to glue solar panels together. Coatings with solvents protect infrastructure like bridges and dams from corrosion and rust, extending their lifetime by decades.

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Upcoming Event

Argus Global Gasoline

The Argus Global Gasoline conference brings together gasoline suppliers, blenders, traders, distributors, and blending component producers to debate on the future of gasoline supply and the demand landscape.

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