Uses and Properties

The Automotive Grade Urea Sector Group (AGU) is an association of European urea producers dedicated to the responsible production and usage of NOx reduction agent AUS 32 (aqueous urea solution, abbreviated “AUS 32”) specified in the ISO standard 22241 and AUS 40 (aqueous urea solution, abbreviated “AUS 40”) specified in the ISO standard 18611 for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx emissions of diesel engines in order to mitigate air pollution, safeguard citizen’s health and assist industries in meeting the requirements of relevant EU emissions legislation.

AUS32 is better known in Europe under the trade name AdBlue®, a trademark that is owned by VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) and which is licensed to about 400 licensees, including the AGU members.

Issues and Regulations

Topics and regulations

REACH Implementation

The registration and dossier updates of automotive grade urea to comply with the REACH requirements is  handled by the European Fertilizer Manufacturer Association.
Consortium management: ReachCentrum

Specific Topics

AGU aims to:

  • promote the use of NOx reduction agents (i.e. AUS 32 – aqueous urea solution, abbreviated “AUS 32”, specified in the ISO standard 22241 and AUS 40 – ISO Standard 18611, hereinafter jointly referred to as “AUS”) for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions of engines in order to assist the related  industry to fulfil the requirements of the relevant European legislation;
  • advocate the use of AUS 40 for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions of engines for ships;
  • develop and promote common industry positions and while interacting with regulators, opinion leaders, relevant industry organisations civil society and the general public.

Additional Information

Diesel-powered vehicles, and especially heavy-duty vehicles will be driving on European roads in the next decades.  Air pollution caused by NOx stemming from diesel engines is a major concern from a human health and environmental perspective. Modern diesel cars today contain innovative technologies that significantly reduce the emissions. Selective Catalytic Reduction or SCR is one of such technologies and  AUS32, traded in Europe under the name AdBlue®, is an essential element of this technology. AdBlue®, in combination with the SCR, can neutralize up to 98% of NOx emissions.

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Chair: Javier Palomino, Fertiberia

Vice-Chair: Johan Doberer, LAT Nitrogen


Aertsens Frédéric
Sector Group Manager


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