We are proud to announce that Petrochemicals Europe won the European Association Awards 2019 in the category of the best association website. We would like to thank the jury for giving us recognition for the revamp of our website. It is the result of several months of hard work and excellent cooperation within our team.
Among the jury members were high-level representatives from European associations. The other laureates in the best website category are: the Law Society of Scotland (silver), the European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration (COGEN Europe) (bronze).


Since its launch in April 2018, the revamped website has proved very successful in reaching out to our key target audiences (industry members, value-chain partners, EU regulators, journalists, academics) and achieving its three main objectives:

  • raising awareness of the benefits of petrochemicals in everyday life (petrochemicals in action),
  • highlighting the crucial role that they play in Europe’s current and future economy and as enabler of sustainable technologies (we build the future, infographics),
  • providing useful and relevant information to our stakeholders such as industry members, journalists, academics etc. (flowchart, facts and figures, events)

The number of visitors has increased by 37% since the website revamp. Sharing the website’s enhanced content on Twitter has also enabled us to rise by 20 times the views’ number on our tweets reaching regularly over 500,000 impressions per month, in peak times even close to 900,000.. The website combines the best of both worlds: on one hand it provides easy to understand information on a highly technical, sophisticated industry (which sells its products exclusively to other industries, but not to the end-consumer) for the broader public and on the other hand specific information for industry members in a clear and visually appealing way!