Cefic’s Coal Chemicals Sector Group (CCSG), the association representing European producers of chemicals derived from coal, has just re-branded its image and changed its name into Coal Chemicals Europe. A brand new website is now up and running to inform a broader public about the benefits of coal chemicals.

Coal-based chemicals had been the basis of modern organic chemistry until petrochemicals took over significant markets after 1940. This resulted in undermining the visibility of coal chemicals. Nevertheless, coal chemicals are still essential to major industrial markets. From the manufacturing of aluminum and tires to the protection of wood, consumers use goods derived from coal chemicals in their everyday life.

Most coal chemicals are hazardous for human health and/or the environment. Therefore, manufacturers cooperate in promoting the safe production and use of coal chemicals. Cefic’s “Coal Chemicals Sector Group (CCSG)” was created in 2003 in order enhance communication between the users of coal chemicals and the European authorities. This clearly helped the industry address the REACH challenges. The success of CCSG prompted its members to re-brand and create a website to improve information on these substances.

For further information, visit Coal Chemicals Europe’s website.