The Aromatics Producers Association (APA), part of Petrochemicals Europe, will organise on 11 September 2019 a symposium entitled “Preventing benzene’s adverse health effects: considerations in occupational exposure limit development”. Thanks to a better understanding of benzene’s health effects, several organisations have revised their recommendations for its occupational exposure limit (OEL), an upper limit on the acceptable concentration of a substance in workplace air. The event aims at sharing insights on how available human data can be interpreted to better understand benzene’s impacts on health in order to define a safe exposure level.

The symposium is targeted at all stakeholders from academia, regulatory authorities and industry that work on the health and safety assessment of benzene.

It will take place:

on 11 September 2019

at the Crowne Plaza Helsinki – Hesperia hotel

Helsinki, Finland

If you want to attend, please register (free of charge) HERE.