EFOA, part of Petrochemicals Europe, unveiled yesterday its new identity: Sustainable Fuels: Driving Cleaner Mobility with Fuel Ethers. This new identity reflects its values and the contribution fuel ethers make to reducing transport emissions across Europe.
The new identity highlights the role of fuel ethers in helping Europe reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. By enabling clean, efficient, sustainable and reliable energy to power Europe’s mobility, fuel ethers, components of fuel, are one of the most cost-effective solutions to reduce transport emissions.
Speaking on the rebranding, Sustainable Fuels’ Chair, Willemien Terpstra, said “nearly half a century ago, fuel ethers were introduced to the European market to substitute lead in our fuels. Fuel ethers have helped Europe to improve air quality and reduce toxic emissions. Since then, ensuring our fuels are clean, efficient and sustainable has been a core objective of our industry. Through this rebranding, we acknowledge that reducing the environmental impact of the transport sector cost effectively will be crucial in building a sustainable future. The fuel ethers industry is ready to play its role in this transition.
Also commenting, Sustainable Fuels’ Secretary General, Ewa Abramiuk-Lété, said “with its new name, Sustainable Fuels reiterates its commitment to the responsible production, usage and promotion of clean, high quality petrol components. Higher octane fuels containing fuel ethers increase fuel efficiency, reduce fuel costs and transport emissions to benefit consumers and our planet. The EU needs all available technologies to reduce the environmental impact of transport and fuel ethers can play an important role in this regard.
Today, fuel ethers based on bio feedstocks are a significant portion of our market, and are an excellent way to increase the share of biofuels used in transport. Furthermore, Sustainable Fuels is committed to using sustainable production pathways, with our Members producing and developing ethers from a wide range of feedstocks, including from first generation and advanced feedstocks.

For further information, please consult the website of Sustainable Fuels.