Data collection for the WGC (Common Waste Gas in the Chemical Industry) BREF (BAT reference document) has begun. This is a crucial step in the drafting of what is currently the most important BREF for the chemical industry and members are strongly encouraged to take part in this process.

The Lower Olefins and Aromatics Sector Group have agreed to hire a consultant that is going to provide training on how to fill in the questionnaire for ethylene crackers and aromatics units.  This consultant will also collect all questionnaires submitted for these units and analyse answers, so as to be able to form an independent opinion on input provided and to know how answers of our sectors compare to the analysis that the EIPPCB will make of chemical industry as a whole.

Cefic’s BREF issue team has worked closely with the BREF authors in Sevilla drafting the questionnaire for the data collection. Providing data is an essential part of the drafting of a BREF, since all BATs (Best Available Techniques) and subsequently binding AELs (Associated Emission Levels) will be based on these data.

Federations are currently developing lists of participating companies with competent authorities and joint agreements have in most cases already been signed. Several federations and member state authorities have also planned workshops aiming to assist member companies in filling in the questionnaire. If you have not yet received an invitation, please contact your national federation.

Several member states have started to send out the questionnaire to selected chemical companies. In most countries this list has been drawn up in close collaboration with chemical national associations. Depending on member states, questionnaires should be returned to competent authorities between end September (Spain) and end November.