The European IPPC Bureau has set up a Technical Working Group (TWG) to review and complete data collected for the WGC (Common Waste Gas in the Chemical Sector) BREF (Best Available Technique Reference Document) by the end of September.

The European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Bureau (EIPPCB) has received almost 800 non-confidential filled in questionnaires and more than 200 questionnaires containing confidential business information.  Cefic has hired a consultant to analyse all these data, and the Lower Olefins Sector Group (LOSG) and the Aromatics Producers Association (APA) have hired their own consultant to analyse the data that pertain to crackers and aromatics units.

These evaluations were provided to the TWG before the workshop hosted by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) on 4 and 5 June. A Cefic delegation of 20 experts including the LOSG/APA Sector Group Manager took part in it. The TWG concluded that more time is needed to complete and – in certain aspects – correct the data.