The work on the Cefic mid-century strategy is progressing and a first draft was submitted to the Board in October. Based on the Board’s feedback, the report will be written and completed by March 2019.

The European Chemical Industry´s Mid-Century Strategy strategy is an advocacy-driven project that builds on reports about the chemical industry on topics such as competitiveness, circularity, decarbonisation and energy efficiency, which have been compiled over the past years. It aims at proposing scenarios to meet UN Sustainability Goals and EU climate and energy targets. It will lay the basis for further discussions with the next generation of European policymakers after the European elections in May 2019.

The outcome should be a comprehensive vision and narrative of what the industry could look like in 30 years and every ten years from 2020 onward.  In about 40 pages, the report will tell the European chemical industry’s innovation, investment and sustainable growth story throughout downstream segments in Europe up to 2050.