The European Commission (DG GROW) has asked the European standardization bodies, CEN/CENELEC, to “identify the potential needs for standardization of sustainable chemicals from primary and secondary raw materials related to the circular economy action plan”. CEN/CENELEC has delegated the task to a Joint Working Group (JWG11) of which the Dutch standardization body, NEN, holds the secretariat.

The overall objective of the JWG11 is to map, identify and prioritize standardization needs in support of sustainable chemicals from primary and secondary raw materials. The development of such standards should increase trust in secondary raw materials and in recycled materials, and help support the market. The concept of “sustainable chemicals” shall refer to the full life cycle of chemicals.

There are about 30 experts from CEN/CENELEC countries and associations taking part in the work to determine: which standards are already available, what is missing, and what can be done to bridge the gap. CEN/CENELEC will issue the final report in October 2018 to the European Commission. There will be a last round of stakeholders’ input over the summer.