A few changes have occurred within the team of Petrochemicals europe since the beginning of April. Ewa Abramiuk, Sector Group Manager of Petrochemicals Europe has given birth to a daughter and is now on maternity leave until autumn. We also welcomed a new member in the team: Thomas Vanfleteren, who joined on 15 April as Technical Manager.

During Ewa’s maternity leave, Frans is supervising the work of Sustainable Fuels, while Marcelo, Olga, Thomas and Daphné are carrying out the daily advocacy, administrative, scientific and communications activities.

Thomas has a Master’s degree and a PhD in Chemistry from the Free University of Brussels (ULB). His PhD thesis focused on a theoretical and experimental study of chemical interactions in molecular complexes. He worked for almost three years for Leyton Benelux, a consultancy firm specialized in Innovation, as Scientific Consultant. In addition to its role as Technical Manager, Thomas is also the Sector Group Manager for Coal Chemicals Europe.