Petrochemicals Europe’s Board has finalised its review of the organisation’s foundation activities, Mission, Vision and eight thematic Priorities in view of notably the Green Deal. Alignment has been achieved with Cefic mid-century Vision, the EU Green Deal priorities as well as the position and advocacy of all Cefic’s Policy Councils. Issue Teams’ focus and participation has also been reviewed. The by-laws are under review to update the current setup, purpose and ways of working.

As the voice of the European Petrochemical industry, Petrochemicals Europe ‘s Mission is to promote health, safety and environmental best practices and to demonstrate the key role that the industry plays to deliver on the EU Green Deal.

Its Vision is to engage pro-actively with all stakeholders in the pursuit of circular, sustainable and innovative solutions, advocate for a science-based regulatory framework that facilitates Europe’s industrial transition to climate neutrality, raise awareness of the industry’s key contribution to Europe’s sustainable future, encourage the industry to be at the forefront of EU’s transition to sustainable economy and support the EU Green Deal’s ambition to become climate neutral by 2050.

The eight thematic Priorities are defined as: Electrification, Recycling & Mass Balancing, Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, ETS & CO2 Neutrality, Technology & Innovation/CCS, CCU/Pyrolysis, Hydrogen, Energy Process Efficiency and a Global Level Playing Field. The full Mission, Vision & Priorities will be available soon on Petrochemicals Europe’s updated website. An advocacy/communications plan will be developed to roll out the new vision/mission and priorities.

We will then focus on advocating, forming alliances and communicating the progress that Petrochemicals Europe is making on the eight Priority areas by leveraging our collectivity as an association through demonstrating the publicly available projects of our members much more explicitly and pro-actively.