Petrochemicals Europe has created a document in response to the new EU hydrogen Strategy Document addressing its impact and opportunities. Petrochemicals has a very specific use of hydrogen. Typically, hydrogen is produced in very large quantities within its processes for captive, on-purpose use, whilst the industry is a relatively small net user/producer of hydrogen to the outside markets.  A significant part is currently used as fuel where it helps to reduce GHG emissions.  To reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of petrochemicals, the electrification of furnaces/boilers is seen as a more sustainable solution than fuelling on purpose produced hydrogen.  Methanol could also be produced from renewable hydrogen and then be used as feedstock to make olefins, aromatics, synthetic fuels and other chemicals. This technology is seen as a potential outlet for renewable hydrogen. However, several conditions need to be met for these hydrogen technologies to be implemented including the availability of abundant cheap affordable green electricity.

The hydrogen paper will be published shortly on our website.