The European Solvent Industry Group (ESIG) has revised its package of Generic Exposure Scenarios to take account of recent developments.

This includes:

  • updating the GES Index of titles and associated Use Descriptors to take account of: Up-dated ECHA guidance on Use Descriptors (V3 Dec 2015); IUCLID V6 where it impacts ERC (environmental release category) selection; Downstream User Sector Use Maps (as available at time of revision)
  • successfully transferring their Worker Generic Exposure Scenarios (GES) into ‘Use Maps’ according to the Vapour Pressure and DNEL (derived no effect level) bands, a format that can be imported into Chesar for the risk assessment. Each ‘Use Map’ can be imported in one go into CHESAR, and any GES titles not required can be readily deleted. Additionally, each GES title is also available as a Chesar formatted CSA (Chemical Safety Assessment) block.
  • All documents are downloadable for free from the ESIG website including a Technical User Guide
  • The GES templates themselves are available HERE.
  • creating an xml transfer tool for Consumer Assessments using EGRETv2 (GES Risk and Exposure Tool) version 2), allowing the output from EGRETv2 to be transferred directly into Chesar for further processing. In addition, the User Manual has been revised to clarify the tool’s domain of application.

ESIG has also been compiling an Overview Use Map template with the GES details and liaising with our (DU) Sectors via our platform, the European Solvents Downstream User Cooperation Group (ESVOC) to map these to the related DU sector information. This document is expected to also help formulators to readily identify the relevant GES Title(s) and associated Contributing Scenarios.

The ESIG/ESVOC Overview Use Map alignment template and associated GES Chesar files are also to be published on the ECHA ‘Use Map Library’ shortly.

More info can be found on the ESIG REACH/GES webpage