End of September, the Energy Community held its 10th Oil Forum in Belgrade, Serbia, and had invited Petrochemicals Europe to make a presentation on the industry’s trends and challenges. The Energy Community is a Vienna-based International Organization, which brings together the European Union and its Eastern neighbors such as Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Moldova, Ukraine, and many more, to discuss issues of mutual interest, such as environmental trends and the latest EU regulation.
The Forum, which was hosted by the Government of Serbia and chaired by the European Commission (DG Energy), focused this time on oil as a raw material for tomorrow and its trends, image and sustainability challenges. Petrochemicals Europe´s Executive Director, Dorothee Arns, talked about the European petrochemical industry and its challenges as well as chemical raw materials in general. She was also invited to join the high-level round-table on oil-related issues, together with the Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining and senior representatives from the European Commission, the Energy Community and the International Energy Agency (IEA).
After intense discussion on the regulatory and environmental aspects of oil usage in various applications, the common consensus was that for the foreseeable future oil will continue to play a major role in Europe´s economy, since there is no better raw material available for the time being.