In June, the European Fuel Oxygenates Association (EFOA) organised a debate at the European Parliament on the CO2 standards for cars’ regulation. The event featured high-level speakers from the European Parliament, the European Commission and the industry to discuss solutions to decarbonise Europe’s transport.

While Europe is looking into electrification of transport, an enormous emission reduction potential can still be unlocked by improving the efficiency of liquid fuels and internal combustion engine. In 2030, the Commission estimates that nearly 80% of vehicles will still have an integrated Combustion Engine. Making the engines more efficient while running them on performant fuels will be key to decarbonising transport

Willemien Terpstra, EFOA Chairwoman, pointed out that high-quality, high-octane fuels can play a significant role in reducing emissions from transport in Europe. This role should be recognized in the revised regulation on CO2 standards for passenger cars and vans.

For further information, please visit the EFOA website.