The European Fuel Oxygenates Association (EFOA) succeeded in having three amendments tabled to the European Parliament’s report on the CO2 standards for cars regulation (Rapporteur: Miriam Dalli). They call for the recognition of the CO2 reduction potential of new downsized car engines running on high-octane petrol.

The amendments are the result of a fruitful cooperation between the car industry association (ACEA) and the European fuel ethers association (EFOA). EFOA believes that high quality, high-octane (RON102) fuels can play a key role in reducing transport emissions in Europe and that this role should be recognized by the regulation.  In fact, nearly 20 million tons of CO2 can be saved by switching to such high-octane petrol in Europe, an opportunity Europe should not miss.

For further information, please read EFOA brochure.