On 26 and 27 February, the European Ethylene Producers Committee (EEPC) organised a Safety Culture Workshop, which brought together over 75 participants from the industry including speakers and consultants. The Workshop was highly appreciated and lead to an industry commitment to take action in order to improve safety culture.

Safety is a top priority in the petrochemical industry and while the industry strives for Goal Zero (no leaks, nor harm to people and environment), accidents continue to happen. EEPC main objective is to share knowledge and create substantial awareness on safety looking at the technical aspects around the incidents. However, apart from these technical aspects, implementing and promoting a good safety culture and influencing safety behavior is key to enhancing safety performance.

Several consultants specialized in safety culture and safety behavior held two-hour interactive sessions on methods to improve the safety culture in your company. EEPC members shared experiences about safety culture programs within their companies. During the workshop, delegates learned a lot about safety culture, attitudes and behaviors (the safety culture ladder, the human brain and what is needed to make a change) and committed to a list of actions to improve safety culture in their own companies.

For further information, please consult the EEPC website.