The European Ethylene Producers Committee (EEPC) recently decided to launch a new initiative, namely to organize free webinars open to all EEPC members. The first webinar was organized on How to Use the EEPC learning from incident database to improve safety in ethylene crackers.

EEPC is dealing with health, safety and environmental issues related to manufacturing and handling of ethylene. The committee is composed of two-thirds ethylene producers and one-third engineering companies. It provides a forum for the communication of non-confidential information and non-confidential expertise concerning the manufacture and handling of ethylene.

EEPC has indeed developed over the past few years a database of about 750 safety incidents that have occurred in sites of EEPC members. The database is searchable either via free search or via keywords (all incidents are classified using specific keywords).

The webinar was attended by about 80 people, half of which had never used this database or were not even aware that this database existed. In a poll, all participants indicated that they were intending to consult the database more often and to promote this to their colleagues.   As example of use of the database, the following applications were suggested :

  • prepare HAZOPS,
  • check if similar incidents as occurred at their site, are  already was reported in the data base, and see what lessons learned where derived from these incidents
  • training of operators, operational staff and process engineers.

While the access to the EEPC learning from database and participation to free webinars is limited to EEPC members only, EEPC secretariat is willing to share with other sector groups their experience in setting up an industry incident database or setting up a webinar.