In September, Petrochemicals Europe’s Board met to revise its mission & purpose, its alignment within Cefic and other trade associations and its key objectives.

Board members agreed that besides chemical substance regulatory matters (Product stewardship and HSE), climate neutrality is our key objective. The overall goal is to reduce the industry’s CO2 emissions and contribute to the EU goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050.

To do so, the Board identified a list of goals and measures (e.g. enhanced resource & energy efficiency, process electrification, increase of renewable/alternative feedstock) that the industry should work on, but also what is required from EU policy-makers like for instance infrastructure for renewable energy, level playing field on carbon pricing, credits for emission reduction to name just a few.

The aim is to engage in a positive dialogue with the EU institutions in order to help them meet climate and environmental goals. Petrochemicals Europe should within the first 100 days of Vice-President Timmermans’ mandate proactively discuss with him about the European green deal, explain the possible industry initiatives and what is required to achieve together the EU 2050 climate goals.