Our Vision

Our vision is for the European petrochemical industry to be recognised as the foundation of future economic success in Europe, fueling innovation, manufacturing and employment.

Who we are

Petrochemicals Europe brings together companies manufacturing ethylene and propylene from steam cracking and/or other olefins, and/or aromatics for chemical use, and/or major first stage petrochemical derivatives (excluding polymers).

These are the raw materials of the petrochemical industry, which turns them into products used in the manufacture of a wide range of consumer goods. For more information on their uses, check out our product groups or, for a general view of the uses and benefits of the petrochemicals industry, see our Flowchart.

Our Mission

As the voice of the European petrochemical industry, we

  • Advocate for conditions that will allow the industry to operate successfully in a highly competitive global environment.
  • Raise awareness of the contribution of our industry to the European economy which provides essential raw materials for thousands of products produced by diverse industries, driving innovation and creating employment.
  • Engage continuously with all our stakeholders in the pursuit of sustainable solutions

Our Objectives

Petrochemicals Europe aims to define and communicate industry’s views, mainly on issues related to:

  • Health, safety and environment, including REACH, chemicals management, Responsible Care and Product Stewardship
  • Regulatory issues
  • Trade and competitiveness, e.g. the European feedstocks situation
  • Energy and climate change issues
  • Logistics, e.g. the European pipeline network
  • Market intelligence
  • Integration of Western and Eastern European petrochemical activities.

In a number of areas where opportunities have been identified around monomers and polymers, Petrochemicals Europe collaborates actively with the Plastics Manufacturers Association (PlasticsEurope).

Besides its common-core activities, Petrochemicals Europe comprises products and sector groups, each with its specific set of objectives. Petrochemicals Europe looks for and encourages any possible cross-fertilisation around issues of interest to all petrochemical sectors, in particular in the field of health, safety and environment, scientific and technical issues, market intelligence and communications.

One of Petrochemicals Europe’s priorities is also to achieve efficient co-ordination along the industry chain, so as to deliver consistent messages to its industry’s stakeholders, taking advantage of the quantum leap in information technology that we have been witnessing in the last few years