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Coal Chemicals

Coal Chemicals Sector Group (CCSG)

Uses and properties

CCSG (Organisational chart) represents European Producers of chemicals derived from coal tar distillation. The main product (approx. 50 %) of the tar refinery is the distillation residue "coal tar pitch". The distillates are crude naphtalene and technical fractions (aromatic oils). The major single compounds are naphthalene (~10 %), phenanthrene (~4,5 %) and anthracene (~1,3 %). Some compounds (e.g. naphthalene, anthracene, carbazole, phenol, cresols and xylenols) are commercially available.

Main applications:

  • Electrode binders for aluminium and electro-steel production
  • Refractory materials
  • Aromatic oils for the production of carbon black
  • Wood impregnating oils 
  • Chemicals for the production of dyes, inks, pesticides, plasticizers, solvents and coatings.

Issues and regulations

REACH Implementation
The REACH for Coal Chemicals – R4CC was formed through which manufacturers have joined efforts to prepare by 30 November 2010 consistent registration dossiers covering the following substances.

Compliance with REACH, CLP and other regulations

Specific Issues
  • Develop a co-ordinated approach to health, environment and technical issues
  • Influence harmonisation of chemical legislation
  • Develop scientific data for coal-tar products
  • Link with European and National scientific bodies involved in health, environment and workers protection
  • Link with industry associations and scientific bodies with an interest in the products
  • Biocide registration

Contact/Further information

Philippe Salemis, Sector Group Manager
Tel. + 32 2 676 7436


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Chairman: Winfried Boenigk, Rütgers.