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Automotive grade urea

Automotive grade urea Sector Group (AGU)

Uses and properties

AGU is an association of European urea producers dedicated to the responsible usage of NOx reduction agent AUS 32 (aqueous urea solution, abbreviated “AUS 32”) specified in the ISO standard 22241 for the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions of diesel engines in order to assist the related industry to fulfill the requirements of the relevant European emissions legislation.

Issues and regulations

Topics and regulations

REACH Implementation
The registration of automotive grade urea to compile with the REACH requirements will be handled by the European Fertilizer Manufacturer Association.
Consortium management: ReachCentrum
Specific Topics
  • Publish and update a product supply best practice guidance manual to safeguard the technical requirements needed for the catalytic process in production, storage and distribution of urea solution ISO 22241
  • Promote the use of ISO 22241 grade urea for the catalytic reduction of diesel fuel off gas from diesel powered engines (trucks, light duty, cars, non-road).
  • Develop and promote common industry positions and interacting with regulators, opinion leaders, relevant industry organizations and the general public.

Contact/Further information

Philip de Smedt, Sector Group Manager
Tel. + 32 2 676 7272


Borealis L.A.T.
Fertiberia SA
SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz GmbH
Yara International ASA

Chairman: Daniel Klause, BASF

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