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Phenolic Resins

The European Phenolic Resins Association (EPRA)

EPRA is an affiliated member of Cefic.

Uses and properties

Phenolic resins are used in wood products (e.g. marine ply) and moulding powders applications. They also have a wide range of applications:

  • on the electrical, mechanical and decorative markets
  • in the automotive industry (binders for friction materials in brakes and clutches, in-car sound insulation products)
  • in building and construction (glass-reinforced composites)
  • in thermal insulation products (foams and fibre binders)
  • in foundry industry products (sand binders and refractory products).

Issues and regulations

EPRA provides a forum for the exchange of information and the formulation of an industry view on relevant issues arising in the manufacture, storage, transport, use and disposal of phenolic resins.

Contact/Further information

Ekhard Nausch, Secretary, or
Paul Teheux, Sector Group Manager
tel. + 32 2 676 7258


Here is the link to the members' list of The European Phenolic Resins Association.

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