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Petroleum Additive

The Technical Committee of Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe (ATC)

ATC is an affiliated member of Cefic.

Uses and properties

Petroleum additives are complex chemical mixtures that enhance the natural properties of fuels and lubrication fluids to improve their performance and extend their life (fuel additive).

Issues and regulations


ATC provides a forum for additive companies to meet and discuss developments of a technical and/or statutory nature concerning the application of additives in fuels, lubricants and other petroleum products. ATC acts as the voice of the European petroleum additives industry with European, international and national technical groups and organisations. The Committee also participates in work of a technical nature with associated industry organisations or statutory organisations or groups.

Contact/Further information

ATC Secretary, Ian Field Tel. +44 7872 633985 or
Philip de Smedt, Sector Group Manager
Tel. + 32 2 676 7272
ATC Europe website


ATC is open to representatives of additive companies in Europe which operate chemical processes for the manufacture of petroleum additives or have comprehensive additive testing facilities in Europe.

Here is the link for the members' list of the Petroleum Additive Manufacturers in Europe.

Chairman: Ian Field, Infineum Industry Liaison - Europe.