"Xperimania - From molecules to materials"  is an initiative of Petrochemicals Europe to counter balance the growing lack of young talents willing to work in the Industry. 

This ambitious educational project aims to boost young people’s interest in science, which is a priority for Europe to remain a knowledge-based economy fostering innovation. It was launched in 2007 in partnership with European Schoolnet, a non-for profit consortium of 31 ministries of education in Europe.
European teachers and students are invited to participate to several activities aiming to promote science education via fun experiments and topics on materials, properties, petrochemistry and their impact on daily life.

2012 “Talk2us”

  • Joint initiative of Petrochemicals Europe, EPCA and Cefic
  • Four online chats and “Lessons learned” mini-competitions organized for secondary school students until May 2013 featuring a number of topics and experts.
  • 1st online chatChemistry is all around you” on 25 October attracted 21 schools  from 10 countries and four industry experts replied to their questions
  • 2nd online chat "Mobility: what transports of the future will look like" took place on 28 January and gathered 24 schools from 13 countries
  • 3rd online chat "Sustainable construction explained" took place on 26 March and gathered 20 schools from 11 countries
  • 4th online chat "Science: where can it take you" took place on 29 May and gathered 15 schools from 9 countries
  • Xperimania “Talk2us” finds its place in the InGenious educational programme bringing teachers and industry together to excite pupils about science, technology, engineering and maths

 2010-2011 Equality: Role of women in chemistry

  • Within the framework of the International Year of Chemistry (IYC)’s overall theme “Chemistry. Our life, our future”, several competitions are open to the secondary and primary school students with a special focus on the role of women in chemistry
  • Students to formulate a portrait of a woman from their country who has a career in chemistry or petrochemistry.
  • Students and teachers to design an awareness-raising campaign to increase the interest of female students in chemistry.
  • Young pupils to make a poster on the topic “women and chemistry”, expressing their vision on the theme.

2009-2010 Science Ambassadors

The Xperimania Science Ambassadors’ tour in spring 2010 reached nearly 400 secondary school students across Europe. Both teachers and students were very happy with the science workshops:
"I never thought chemistry could be so much fun," was how one participant summed up his experience.

 2008-2009 Check out the Property

  • What does it mean when material X has property Y? How do we prove
    that material X actually has property Y? Focusing on specific properties as a starting point, students are encouraged to learn about a chosen property, the materials that comprise it and its use in every-day objects through easy and fun experiments.
  • Multilingual Online chats

 2007-2008 Materials and Discoveries

  • Understand the wide variety of applications of chemistry, and how this fascinating science has contributed to the evolution of many day-to-day items. Set up an easy and fun experiment relating to petrochemistry and materials
  • Explore a scientific discovery in the field of materials, discovered in the petrochemical sector from 1800 to the present day.
  • Online chats



Back in 2015 EPCA established the Talent and Diversity Inclusion Council (TDIC). Petrochemicals Europe supports this initiative on Gender Diversity and is a full member of the TDIC.

Diversity is defined as individual difference in the fields of gender, age, ethnicity/race, nationality and culture. Diversity inclusion supports the talent management methods ensuring that our industry can continue to deliver the innovative and sustainable solutions expected from its customers and stakeholders.

On behalf of EPCA and the TDIC, McKinsey & Company completed a diversity and gender inclusion survey “Why Diversity Matter” and the key findings can be found here.